A Wealth of Services Across Australia

At AusPT, we offer post-tensioning as well as a number of other services right across Australia.  Alongside expert advice, competitive estimates and our project development and management skills, all equipment is provided and operated by AusPT.  Feel free to contact AusPT through tenders@auspt.net.au to discuss your options further with our expert staff and the potential advantage to your project.

Post-Tensioning Services

Post-Tensioning has fast become an industry standard due to the many advantages of its application.  From reducing building weight to increasing the lifespan of concrete it has a particular use for parking and bridge structures.  It is a method of reinforcing and strengthening building materials with high-strength steel strands or bars called tendons.  Some of the advantages of post-tensioning services can include:

  • Reduced building height
  • Reduced material costs
  • Increased floor-to-floor height
  • Lower weight
  • Improved foundation design
  • Longer spans
  • Less beams
  • Controlled deflections
  • Faster installation times
  • Faster formwork stripping times
  • Improved overall production
Professionals using concrete for construction

At AusPT, we provide services suitable for mono-stressing or multi-stressing systems across commercial and residential buildings, warehouse floors, container handstands, bridge construction and retention strengthening.  The versatility of these constructions allows greater design freedom and for AusPT to develop a project to suit each client’s needs.

Industrial Pavements

Applying post-tensioning tendons to industrial pavements offers a dramatically increased load capacity which is ideal for water storage or other high-weight loads.  Commonplace in warehouse floors, tank floors, high racking, pallet stacking and container hardstands it can significantly reduce conventional reinforcements and joints.  Some of the advantages include:

  • More efficient use of materials
  • Larger pours
  • Less slab joints
  • Improved construction times
  • Early loading times (after the pour)
  • More durability on poorer ground conditions
  • Lower maintenance cost

Stressbar Supply & Installation

Stressbar post-tensioning applies the same reinforcement through comparatively short tendons.  This type of engineering is commonly used in buildings, bridges, wharves, jetties, as well as soil and rock anchors.  Some of the advantages of stressbar post-tensioning include:

  • Retention Strengthening
  • Cable Stays
  • Pile Connection
  • Tie Down Piers
  • Piles & Crossheads

Bridge Construction & Strengthening

Bridges are post-tensioned during construction to accommodate regular and heavy loads.  Adding external and internal post-tensioning tendons is becoming the industry standard for its obvious benefits, which include:

  • Creative architecture
  • Longer spans
  • Easier access for maintenance
  • Allow for grade changes
  • Minimal environmental impact
  • Less traffic disruption

Grouting Services

Using industrial grouting is a cost-effective approach to repairing a concrete slab that has been damaged or as a preventative measure.  The advantages of the industrial grouting services offered by AusPT include:

  • Lower repair cost
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Less water damage
  • Increased strength
  • Less slab movement
  • Access to restrictive areas